Our competencies for your success

Our machine park consists of 16 new, high-precision, all-electric machines for plastic injection molding with a clamping force of 30 – 230 t and a shot weight of 0.1 – 400 g. With our fully networked, automated and optimized processes, we can achieve extremely short throughput times in injection molding and act quickly and flexibly, which results in a very good price-performance ratio.

injection molding

of plastics in our injection molding shop

product development

for injection molded parts


tool shop with workshop

for laser welding in the building for the development and construction of new tools for injection molded parts in our injection molding shop

sampling and commissioning

of new tools

takeover / relocation

of ongoing projects in finishing, assembly and packaging of assemblies in contract manufacturing and injection molding

With our machinery, we can  process any type of plastic  for the intended purpose in the plastic injection molding shop or other machines:

Thermoplastics with high filler content (glass fibers/beads, talc)

Processing of thermally sensitive plastics

Manufacture of hybrid components (inserts / bushings / cores, etc.)

Processing of high-temperature plastics (PPS, PPO, PEEK, etc.)